The MusicMakers event is a hot mash up between an exhibition, a science fair, a live music show, and a party, for anyone who loves adventurous music and design. Hosted by createdigitalmusic alongside SemiDomesticated and PLATform, MusicMakers brings together design, art, DIY, and music in the form of a collaborative party and creative exhibition.

MusicMakers is a gathering place for people who make things that make noise, who hack, modify, and construct their own tools and instruments for performance, and who make objects, fashion, and art inspired by music and sound. In an age when music threatens to become an intangible commodity, these are artists making it physical and unique.

They move from consumption to creation and invention. Through hands-on objects, demos and collaborative jams, live performance, DJs and dancing, MusicMakers is a party celebrating music made by the maker revolution.

The event was born as MusicMakers in 2007 in Brooklyn at Etsy Labs, a collaboration between Create Digital Music, Etsy, and Make Magazine, organized by CDM’s Peter Kirn. That event grew to a series of events dubbed Handmade Music in NYC and worldwide. Now, we reboot the event in the spirit of the original event, in Berlin and beyond.

This coming Friday at Prince Charles from 6pm to 6am!
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