This mix is so hot, I wanna date it. No, but seriously, this Soundscape by 7076 aka Mehdi Afzali has me rocking out so hard behind my laptop at the cafe where I’m working that the person next to me is giving me annoyed stares that literally beg me to sit still. Building up, escalating and then going (literally) ‘All In’, before it slowly soothes you back into reality, this genre bending mixtape is mimicking the perfect night out, which to me includes wandering home in the morning sun as the city’s waking up around me—awww freedom! Before I go on a rant about the pleasures and perils of motherhood, here’s a bit about the artist.

Mehdi Afzali is a graphic designer based in California with roots in New York and Iran. Before his shift to visual work, he spent many years in music distribution (the physical kind), helping push electronic music all across the US, defining and refining the taste of the more sophisticated American audience with his selection to selectors. His time was spent in clubs from an early age, which led to working at a record store, and eventually a radio show, all exposing him to many differing types of music, reflected in this selection here. Influences from renowned record label 4AD to Italo disco and Detroit techno are transparent.

 Mehdi keeps himself inspired with frequent long walks through the homey hills and flats of foggy San Francisco, soundtracking his movements with his vast collection and a compulsive influx of new material. It was the work of Vaughn Oliver and Peter Saville that made him want to be a designer, and his favorite artists include Gerhard Richter and James Turrell.




This Soundscape was curated for SemiDomesticated by our dear friend Qzen aka Susan Langan

Photos by Canadian photographer Marcus Jolly. Specializing in portraiture, landscape, and fashion photography, he’s been enamored with holding a camera since 2001.
Jolly’s ability to harness natural light creates original compositions that capture the many unique, and magical, qualities of the medium. With an affinity for organic style and eye for detail, he delivers a consistent body of beautiful and interesting work. Whether working for a client or a pursuing a personal project, Jolly aims to enhance a subject beyond what the normal eye would see. Check out his website and Instagram for a daily source of inspiration!