[Above: Styling by SemiDomesticated. Photos by Jacob Hopkins.]

Autumn is here and it’s time to keep warm and dry, so dust off those hats people! Hats are a hot accessory for your head and your wall. A vintage hat can add elegance and interest to a basic outfit or a unique touch and texture to an unutilized space in your hallway or bedroom. If you have spare hats, you can hang them with string, as we did here, or create a cluster using nails and hooks. We like to decorate using functional objects, most of which we already have laying about, and display them in creative ways throughout a space.

Many of the hats we’ve used above will be available in the next SemiDomesticated Show & Sell event!

[Above: Vanessa paradis in Vintage Hat, Jeeves Hat Pendant Lamps, Framed Hat via Apartment Theraphy, Book Hat]

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