Can music be lighter than air? Kathy Suyun Kwon creates music for meditation through her portal, Air of Colors, which began with the wish to create an intimate space to bliss out and find immediate inner calm.

A fairly new project opening itself to an audience, but had been percolating and fertilized by big heart-felt intentions through giant life milestones, the artist stepping into motherhood. The purpose driving her work is to support people to take time for themselves. If music could be a tool, not to distract or entertain, but to help create an ethereal space to sit and surrender, could a daily ritual help us live more deliberately, with more presence? Music can permeate our membranes so deeply and immediately. In this time when outward gratifications lure us to think happiness is perpetually elsewhere, we can direct our listening inward and find peace in the here and now. These thoughts and wishes drive Suyun to create music for Air of Colors.

The soundscape made for Semidomesticated is a series of tracks collected, some composed for Air of Colors, some that have fed Suyun’s imagination long preceding the project—thematically, songs that could perhaps lull you into a half-dream state. where our mind quiets, there is a whole space of possibility that opens from which we receive, rather than act and do and seek.


Photos by Canadian photographer Marcus Jolly. Specializing in portraiture, landscape, and fashion photography, he’s been enamored with holding a camera since 2001.
Jolly’s ability to harness natural light creates original compositions that capture the many unique, and magical, qualities of the medium. With an affinity for organic style and eye for detail, he delivers a consistent body of beautiful and interesting work. Whether working for a client or a pursuing a personal project, Jolly aims to enhance a subject beyond what the normal eye would see. Check out his website and Instagram for a daily source of inspiration!