To Basque in the Present: A Letter from the Editor

Never has life felt so deeply beautiful, so bottomless and vast—vulnerable. Never have I loved so lividly, and I’m not just talking about the people I hold dear, but about the sunshine on my face, a spring flower breaking through a crack in the sidewalk, an ant crawling on my skin, the smell of my morning coffee, a random person smiling at me on the street

Jackfruit Tacos with Mexi-Corn Salsa & Cashew Cream

On the 15th of September, we hosted The Good Supper's fall edition at Berg Burg in Wedding. It was a hot-hot evening—perhaps the last this year with temperatures well over 30 degrees. Now, a month later, the mercury has dropped at least 20 Celsius and our summer dresses and open toed sandals have been replaced by wool coats and winter boots.


If you want to train yourself to experience better, listen through to the place in yourself that you think is most silent, you will recognise that it is filled with experiences.

The ‘Multikulti’ Salad Bowl

Photographer, visual artist and passionate plant-based cook Tabea Mathern has prepared a salad inspired by the many cultures that fuse to make Berlin the colorful mix that it is—and at the same time, makes a beautiful statement about coexistence and community.