She has bodaciously swept into my life—making her presence known to me via numerous portals and channels—she definitely has her marketing strategy down. We were first introduced through a friend, who gave me a sample of her to assist with lucid dreaming.

The next day, I’m invited to a tea ceremony in her honor. On a hike my friend @ofthemoonmedicine points out, “Look! there she is, mugwort”. Since then, mugwort serenades me from every corner. I’m getting offered mugwort tinctures, mugwort cigarettes, mugwort smudge sticks. I turn to a page in a book and the first word I see is—suprise-surprise—mugwort! Mugwort has been long regarded as a sacred herb for her potent medicinal and divination purposes, she has feathery pale green leaves with a silvery moon colored underside. She is magical, protective, healing, and an ally for the dreaming body.

Mugwort takes us into a dream within ourselves. A dream that shows us the unseen parts of ourselves we came here to reclaim. She warmly awakens us in the cold and circulates what we need to be free. A true elder whose medicine brings sacred moonlight to the darkest parts of us.


I create a nighttime ritual in honor of mugwort, taking a dose of a potent tincture before sleep, with the intention of allowing her wisdom to be made known to me. For three consecutive nights I dream vividly essentially the same story: I am in a verrrrry sexy situation with a lover—and in the most pivotal moment when the gratification of my all consuming desire to receive him fully would be met—he backs away, leaving me high and dry! My intuition tells me that this is a story that is mirroring to me what’s actually going on with my own inner feminine energy (the receiving force) and masculine energy (the giving force).

This year has been a spiritual growth on steroids, where I’ve been coming more into my role as a warrior of the divine feminine, coming out of the closet as a witch, and sharing my intuitive gifts with the world. It has been about becoming more vocal, more daring, and stepping out of my shy comfort corner. These mugwort dreams illuminate the subconscious tug of war within my selves, of on one side being totally ready, and another part of me that is flaccidly scared too, hesitant to commit to the process of fully awakening and being totally present. I ask myself, what part of me is not willing to show up and why? How can I let myself receive? What is preventing me from allowing myself to receive fully my own gifts?

Mugwort shows me my unhealed parts, and I am letting myself learn how to integrate, and care for, listen to and thus transmute what’s not on board—to consciously witness the dance within my selves with the intention that these counterparts bridge to join together, with the ecstasy of union within the Self as a present possibility in any every moment.


20106304_10107004908803413_1368546302792371609_nSA RA is an artist, writer, and creatrix of ManifestationYin—a new deeply calming yoga experience.
ManifestationYin is born out of our collective need to slow down, reflect, connect back to our earth-body intelligence, and become conscious creators.
It takes 17 seconds for a thought to gather enough momentum to manifest in the physical realm. Manifestation Yin is a space for tuning in to the deeper intuitive realm to receive information on what is truly desired and directing pure positive conscious focus towards that.