This mix by Jonathan Baruc aka Death Qualia marks the end of our ‘Altweibersommer’ (aka German Indian Summer) issue, and if the barren trees and chilling temperatures are not proof enough that late summer is far gone and autumn is about to give way to winter, this dark and tantalizing Soundscape will certainly clue you in.

Jonathan Baruc is a failed spacecraft QA, quantum surgeon, civic engineer, systems biologist, banker and more. He’s obsessed with architectural hygiene and loves tracing the soul of construction and realization back to it’s source. He involves himself in music here in Berlin: he designs interfaces at Native Instruments, co-founded open source net label, end fence, and co-founded the event series, So Fucking Future. Jonathan has releases coming on Private Archive, Ohm Resistance and Berlin’s Portals Editions this winter.
“My Soundscape for Semidomesticated is an old fashioned exercise in fabric elasticity. Hardly conceptual. Really as much of a break from day to day reality as possible. You can use the recording to insert time into your life or polish it; a morning meditation or a midday ma’nene. The mix turns into a bit of a test but Mica Levi’s “Love” awaits at the finish to wash off the gorge.”


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This soundscape is illustrated by Canadian photographer Vishal Marapon. ‘Through his work, he tries to capture subtleties and moments which exist in everyday life, using his camera as a tool for sharing in his own perspective from wherever he finds himself.’
Vishal finds inspiration in every corner and is excited by colors and geometry, and a combination of the two. We love seeing the world through his eyes, as he manages to find and capture beauty in the most unremarkable of places. Check out his website and Instagram for a daily source of inspiration!