All of us avid vintage and thrift shoppers know about the undesirable possibility of turning into a compulsive collector or pack-rat. If we don’t watch out, our homes will look more like the fleamarkets our treasures came from than than the cozy, retreats we intended on. One of the secrets to a beautiful and well balanced, yet eclectic home, lies in streamlining and focus. And when it comes to displaying a valued collection, presentation is everything.

Whether you love to collect porcelain, shoes, mirrors, old pictures, globes, or you name it, your collection will shine and be rightfully glorified when clustered and displayed together rather than dispersed in different locations throughout your home.

This Monday Mood is an inspirational ‘collection of collections’ that are all beautifully presented and we strongly recommend trying this at home. It doesn’t matter if you group according to type of item, style or even color — a well assembled and presented collection will create a truly unique focal point.

Another important point when displaying collections, is to give your favored items space to breathe — keep the area around clean and tidy to really let your do-dads dazzle.

For those of you who don’t have (or don’t think you have) a collection, try displaying your shoes, handbags, jewellery, hats, or maybe grandma’s old porcelain plates.

Above (clockwise from top left): Globes via Flickr, Mirrors via Lonny Mag , Shoes via PapernStitch, Colored glass via
Above (clockwise from top left): Suitcase collection via Vintage Rose, Cacti collection via, Globe collection via, Owl collection via
Above (clockwise from top left): Tin collection via DesignSponge, Vintage picture collection via, Mirrors via PaperTreasure, Vintage mugs via VosgesParis.
Above (clockwise from top left): Jewellery display via This is Glamorous, Shoe collection via DecoDetective, porcelain on the wall via Vtwonen, glass collection via FreundevonFreunden.
Above (clockwise from top left): Porcelain via Emmas Blog, Bag collection via FreundevonFreunden, Frames and mirrors via Moss Eclectic, Old shoe boxes via DesignSponge.Above (clockwise from top left): Nail-polish collection via Book of Secrets, Letter e’s via 2.bp.blogspot, key collection via Design Sponge, Crocheted hotplates via Flickr.