Vintage fishing gear evokes nostalgic memories of a simpler time. Bright colors mixed with shiny or rusted metals. The thrill of the catch. Enthusiasm. Wicker and netting. Fishing gear is passed on through generations, so there’s still lots of good stuff waiting to be found.

When we asked the omniscient internet “Why do people like fishing so much?” we found this sensational answer by justintodd1979, who pretty much convinced us to head out to the lake in the middle of February and cast out.

“Fishing is more than sitting there waiting for a fish. It’s is about getting outside listening and looking at what nature has to offer. It’s about getting in tune with yourself. I think of my life as a circle. A circle is a perfect shape, there are no corners, no sides, no points. It is just complete. It is that perfect. This is the way that I try to live my life. There are things out there that mess up my circle. My circle starts to get sides and edges and a couple of corners. When I go out in my boat or even just sit on the bank, I ask Mother Nature for help. As I float there, Mother Nature puts her hand on my shoulder and tells me it is going to be OK. She stays right there and the water talks to me, telling me to hold on for a little bit longer and she will take care of it all. While I am there, I wait on the water for Mother Nature to fix my circle, to curve out those edges and smooth out those corners making my perfect circle, perfect again. I hold a rod in my hand and the fish gives me a little excitement, it gives me a boost and makes my day a little brighter. And at the end of the day, when I land my boat, break down my rods and snap shut my tackle box, Mother Nature, the water, and the fish have made my circle perfect again”.

Many things in life can be what fishing is for this man. He’s teaching us to enjoy the process, not only the anticipation of the reward. We need to find and do things that complete our circles – and this puts us in a great mood for the week.

Above, clockwise from top left: Vintage glass fishing floats via Pintrest, Southern Nautical Interior via A Tall Drink, Vintage Fishing Decor via Country Living, Fishing basket via Cotton & Cloud,  Modern Fishing Lodge via Cactus Creek, Fish house inspired kitchen tools at HindsvikVintage via The English Muffin Blog.


Above, clockwise from top left: Vintage Barbour fishing bag via Reference Library, Fishing lure necklace by warsaw via Etsy, Wedding photo on a fishing boat by Jose Villa via Hooray Design, Fishing lure necklace by warsaw via Etsy, Fishing weights via Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures, Another lure necklace via This Next.
Above, clockwise from top left: Philip Sparks fashion from Toronto Fashion Week 2009 via Toronto Life, Photograph of vintage tackle via Etsy, Old fisherman via Esquire, Racing Buoys via Pebbles to Sand, Fishing in Hunter’s Wellington Boots via A Cup of Jo.