No lie: this is one of our favorite shows ever. We are so incredibly proud and honored to be working with this group of designers, artists and makers — the level of refinement and professionalism is truly amazing —  and we think you’ll love it too!

In 24 hours we’ll be opening the doors of our 4th Show & Sell: A Two-Wheeled Affair. Come join us, have a beer in the sunshine, and check out some awesome work inspired by our favorite mode of transportation.

(Click on the designer’s name to read more about them)

Matthew Appleby (London, UK/Berlin, DE)
Reconditioned and transformed lamps using found materials such as scrap metal, bicycle and car parts.

Puncture Bags (Berlin, DE)
Bags, pencil cases, bike seats and accessories made from recycled truck, tractor and bicycle inner tubes.

Friederike Porscha (Berlin, DE)
Men and women’s fashion and backpacks inspired by traditional Bavarian clichés and costumes, mixed with one-of a kind finds.

Giuseppe Gimmillaro (Berlin, DE)
Belts made from found and salvaged bike tires, some of which date back to as early as the 1940s.

Retusj (Paris, FR)
Upcycled, vintage and re-appropriated jewellery using materials such as cable-ties, elastics and other everyday items.

SAG+SAL (Berlin, DE)
Bright, multicoloured messenger bags and accessories made from upcycled, off-set printing blankets.

Chikiboom (Montreal, CA)
Men and Women’s accessories upcycled and sampled from car seat-belts, old leather jackets and measuring tapes.

Jesper Jensen (Berlin, DE)
Recycled wine bottles transformed into drinking glasses, while keeping creative solutions to sustainability in mind.

KAPOW! (Berlin, DE)
Upcycled men’s t-shirts with a geometrical twist, using two t-shirts combined as one.

Neklo (Berlin, DE)
Vintage and upcycled women’s garments made with love.

Ruby Feathers (Paris, FR)
Original, hand-made feather jewellery using feathers sourced from local Canadian hunters and farmers.



Sneak-Thief (Berlin, DE)
Sneak-Thief’s tracks are a magic mix of stomping electro-funk, techno and disco. No vinyl, no cd’s, and no laptops: this is the real deal! In the pursuit of melding man and machine, he’s spent the past 5 years designing and constructing his own custom analog modular synths and live performance sequencers – all in the name of righteous ass-shaking.