We often take time to sit back and reiterate to ourselves the reasons we do what we do here. We think about what we can contribute to our audience, readers and customers and what we hope to accomplish – then find ourselves focused on the notion of renewal, which encompasses the idea of upcycling, reappropriation and even the collection of vintage.

The German expression, Einmal is Keinmal (once is nothing) explores thoughts on the tremendous weight of the decisions we make in this life.  If we only have the opportunity to live once, “we can never know what to want, because, living only one life, we can neither compare it with our previous lives nor perfect it in our lives to come.” – Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Nietzsche believed that this heaviness could be either a colossal burden or great blessing, depending on the individual’s viewpoint.

Today we’re taking inspiration from Milan Kundera’s philosophical novel, The Unbearable Lightness of Being and drawing on the lightness of love and perhaps accepting Nietzche’s optimism by giving our actions “weight” and in turn rejecting the notion of nihilism – in our attempts to give objects recurring life.

Clockwise from top left: Cloudy Skies, Levitation, Dancer Feet, Andrea Galvani Photo.Clockwise from top left: Lightness, Pinky Swear, Face Plant, Woods Walk, Circus Dance.

Cemeteries in Bohemia are like gardens. The graves are covered with grass and colorful flowers. Modest tombstones are lost in the greenery. When the sun goes down, the cemetery sparkles with tiny candles. It looks as though the dead are dancing at a children’s ball. Yes, a children’s ball, because the dead are as innocent as children. No matter how brutal life becomes, peace always reigns in the cemetery. Even in wartime, in Hitler’s time, in Stalin’s time, through all occupations. When she felt low, she would get into the car, leave Prague behind, and walk through one or another of the country cemeteries she loved so well. Against a backdrop of blue hills, they were as beautiful as a lullaby.
– Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Clockwise from top left: Breaking Through, Spring Time, Bubbles in Water, Floating Balloons, Pond BedClockwise from top left: Sun Soaked, Canoe Sleep, Levitating Farm House, Air Stairs.