Moms usually give pretty sound advice, so we usually listen to those ladies. But ours say, “If you wore it once, you can’t wear it again.” And as much as we agree, in principle, it doesn’t stop us from swooning over a pair of high-waisted floral jeans even though we totally rocked them the first time around.

There were some fashion trends we shuddered at, when the 90’s bowed out so inelegantly, vowing never to don such atrocities again. We still don’t quite understand the logic behind certain patterns and combinations but others we’ve learned to re-love irregardless, or even in light of, their grungy memories.

Clockwise from top-left: Plaid Button-Up, Kelly, Gap Tooth, Paisley Floods, Backless Top, Bundy Styles, 90210, Macaulay Culkin, Blazer, Blossom, Floral Crops, Sun Dress, Floral Denim, Woah Mixed Floral, Fresh Prince, Nirvana Chic, Paisley Wall, Baby Doll, Floral Blazer, Flower Power Pants, Tied Up, Fresh Jacket.