Another event has come and gone, which is always bittersweet. We’re always so taken aback by how things come together in such a way that makes it feel as though certain pieces were destined to be displayed together.

Matthew Appleby’s brilliant lighting piece, Spoken, picked up on subtle golden tones throughout the room, such as the Retusj necklaces and Ruby Feathers’ earrings. The vintage bike from Giuseppe Gimmillaro added a turn-of-the-century element to the space and contrasted nicely with retro visuals provided by TRAELPHAEZER. Friederike Porscha’s backpacks hung from a SemiDomesticated hat-rack, while Puncture Bags leatheristic-rubber pieces were displayed on modern, geometrical stacks.

Once again, vielen, vielen Dank to all of the designers who participated, Sneak-Thief and TRAELPHAEZER for their performances and to our supporters who took the time out from sunny afternoons and Easter holidays to give us some love.


All photos by Traianos Pakioufakis.