Now that neon trends are here, you need not feel down and dreary. Bad day? Slick on some Outrageously Orange polish or get yourself into some Laser Lemon leggings. Freak out and spray your desk chair Neon Carrot. Suddenly Electric Blue has a new space on your face and Flamingo Pink is no longer reserved for children and crazy bingo ladies.

Anyone else suddenly feel like gambling?

Don’t go too nuts with the neon though. We give the no-no to too much matchy-matchy. Statement color-blocking can still be done with class, so choose something special to highlight and beware of becoming more highly saturated than the fats in your Big Mac.

Clockwise from top left: Neon Laces, Smootch, Urban Vibes, Nails, Bat for Lashes, Skirt, Neon Door, Tart Seat, Cross Your Heart, Too Late to Die Young, Iscaselle, DIY, Navajo, Body Glove, Pink Table, Rainbow, Color Blocking, Stairs, Neon Eyes, Poignant, Models, Architecture, Bubble, Table Chairs, Neon Lips, Jacket, Neon Chair, Succulent Lips, Pink Chair, Flamingos, Rhino, Passed Out, Aurora, Geo, Orange Nails.