On warm summer nights, we can all feel the atmospheric change that happens when a thunderstorm is coming. The trees shudder, the sky darkens then opens up and lets go.

Strangely, there’s something calming about the grumbling of the air and the sporadic ignition of the shaded clouds. The rain gives our streets a much needed rinse and leaves us with the refreshing scent of wet asphalt – then for a moment the city pauses and gives a moment to catch our breath.

Clockwise from top-left: Ruffle Duvet, Thunder in our Hearts, Fresh Interior, Lighting Bolt, Hunter Boots, Dog and Umbrella, Pink Lighting, Umbrella Display, Yellow Lining, Gray Bathroom, Lighting Bolt Tee, Puddle, Bolt Print, Blue Fridge, Hitchhiking, Mud Room, Rain Pallet.