Come one, come all! The shop will be open until Saturday at 9:30pm with the closing party from 10:00pm until 3:00am at the Mindpirates Vereinsheim on Falckensteinstrasse 48 (between Magnet and Watergate). Our designers have worked their little butts off to bring you the finest upcycled, vintage and reappropriated goodies – this stuff is so funky it’s unreal!

Molly Morgan

Upcycled 90’s fashion by Molly Morgan.


Human hair accessories by ghost-gum.

Little Pop Machine

Totally fresh furniture by Little Pop Machine.


Reappropriated and vintage jewellery by Retusj.


African-inspired fashion by Sooph.

Mika Moddigård

Sustainable, upcycled jewellery by Mika Moddigård.

Matthew Appleby

Brilliant lighting design by Matthew Appleby.

Tata Christiane

Funky Fresh fashion by Tata Christiane.

Pam Schriever

Paddle holder and accessory for the ping-pong lovers by Pam Schriever.

Lena Schröder


Upcycled and vintage fashion and accessories by Lena Schroder aka Can You Keep a Secret? and Trinkhallen Schickeria.

Sara Kwon

Dope, hand-made collages by Sara Kwon.

Onkto Katuh

Lighting design and accessories by Onkto Katuh.

Flying Dutchgirl

Make-up, clubbing and everyday bags by Flying Dutchgirl.

Friederike Porscha

Limited edition rucksacks by Friederike Porscha.

Puncture Bags

Camera lens bracelets by Puncture Bags.

Eat More Shoes

Vintage, old-school, collector shoes by eatmoreshoes


Upcycled vintage by Neklo.

Jesper Jensen

Recycled wine-bottle tumblers by Jesper Jensen.

helen helen

Barbie shoe necklaces and fashion by helen helen.