You may have noticed that the SemiDomesticated front has been pretty quiet for the past week but that doesn’t mean it’s been quiet behind the scenes. Without going into too much detail, there’s been some serious moving and shaking going on, both in and out of the SemiDomesticated office.

We have some very exciting plans on the go and we can’t wait to share them with you, but until then, we’re getting down with the organizational vibe. When getting things sorted in our apartments and houses, we love to find creative ways to use common items – some of our favorite upcycling ideas involve tin cans, mason jars, vintage frames and wooden fruit and wine crates. Go ahead, get your sort on!

Above, clockwise from top left: painted mason jars, hanging mason jars, tin can pen holders, framed jewellery.
Above, clockwise from top left: Mason jar with chalkboard painted lid, chalkboard painted kitchen, chalkboard painted labels on mason jars.
Above, clockwise from top left: Mason jars mounted on candle holders, antique wooden crate, wall mounted crate shelf with jars, crate book shelf.
Above, clockwise from top left: Wall mounted crates and crate on wheels, vintage suitcase storage, crate shelving, crate shoe shelf
Above, clockwise from top left: Vintage frames jewellery display, hat box storage, clothing hanger as jewellery display, wall mounted frame shelves
Above, clockwise from top left: Chicken coop shelving, white painted tin cans for cutlery, wall mounted jars as bathroom storage, Industrial kitchen shelving, Various mason jars, Chicken wire wall hanging
Above, clockwise from top left: Antique apothecary chest of drawers, Antique frame with chicken wire as memory board, Library box storage