According to a new theory, our unique ability to connect with and care for other animals has significantly shaped our human evolution. We’ve come a long way from the “eat or be eaten” predicament that our ancestors found themselves in, which forces us to re-evaluate the role that animals play among us.

It’s been proven that the presence of living animals provides us with mental and physical health benefits, which could be why we commonly feed and care for members of different species – unlike any other group of mammals around. This being said, what’s up with us? We love & feed them but wear them & eat them. Who gets to decide which are worthy of our affection and which are built for dissection. An age old question, but definitely something we tend to keep in mind.

Clockwise from top left: Inner Beast, Doe a Deer, Julianne Moore, Masquerade, Pretty Peacock, Horse Head.
Clockwise from top left: Lexington, Lone Wolf, Teddy Bare, Buck Friends, Bunny Abs.