We’d like to present our newest Show & Sell musical guests, Hanna & Kerttu. Hailing from somewhere between Finland and Norway but located in Berlin, they’re at home in a world of colours, playing death folk and new emo.

Hanna & Kerttu’s music gnaws away at your heart with the empathy and authority of a vocalist in complete control of your emotions. The production tempts you into a supposed naivistic soundscape, keeping you on edge, and just when you think you understand, it grabs you by the proverbial ball

Hanna & Kerttu is currently working on their new album and will have an EP on sale during our event. Check ’em out at 19:00 on Wednesday, Dec. 14th at our showroom on Mainzerstrasse 58 in Neukölln.

Sample their music here, and find out more about them on their facebook and website.