On june 7th 2012, PLATform and SemiDomesticated joined forces to present a vision in the form of an exhibition High Risk/Low Tech, part of DMY’s Lange Nacht der Designstudios, presented at The Wye on Skalitzerstraße. For this event, the curators thought necessary to present works that represented notions of creation and construction in the time of destruction and crisis; How designers can still operate and make functional objects, when they are surrounded by tragedy, waste and very little means of production.

Though the participating designers all normally produce sustainable, recycled, upcycled, locally-produced objects, in small or one-off productions, for this show there was an underlying theme also for specific materials used, such as sand, cement and wood. This highlighted ways in which aesthetic decisions can be made by Contemporary thinkers and also have an impact on consumption, production and the overall ecology, creating beauty with what is around, and showing the public that one can simply open their eyes to be inspired.

Participating designers were Matthew Appleby, Eduardo Borém, Michel David, El Reinventor, Joao Gonçales, Dominik Hehl, Jesper Jensen, Komat, Antje Kratzing, Ahnieszka Lasota, Little Pop Machine, Naty Moskkovich, Talia Mukmel, Onkto Katuh, Pastperfekt, Jaan Ugrinsky and Micheal Wolke.
Thanks to Owen Roberts for performing at the opening vernissage.
Photos by Joanna Dias.