Organized Sound — The Synthesizer Visualized is a collaborative project between curator and art director, Anette K Hansen (SemiDomesticated), graphic designer, Caroline Blind and creative coder, composer and music writer, Peter Kirn — and printed by Alex Sebag in SemiDomesticated’s new creative space, The Parlor.

The project is an exploration of geometrical shapes overlapping on an organized grid — and by doing that, creating new shapes and patterns. Inspired by innovative composer Edgard Varèse, who coined the term ”organized sound”, and is often referred to as the father of electronic music, this project strives to find a way to visualize and organize sound using the simplest form possible — the circle.

The visualizations of this project has been applied to a variety of mediums, from the identity and branding of MusicMakers 2012; on flyers and on the MusicMakers website. The project will premiere as live audio-reactive visuals tomorrow at 00:45 and will also be available in the form of special edition screen printed posters in a run of 50.

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