We’re pleased to introduce this month’s designers and collectors. Some you may have seen through SemiDomesticated before — yet their work is all new. We also welcome a handful of new collaborators!

Aurelia Paumelle

Berlin-based, French designer Aurelia Paumelle creates elegant and minimal clothing from high quality fabrics. Although most of her garments are made for men, their classic fit make them suited for most women as well.



Retusj has been with SemiDomesticated from the beginning — and we’ve seen a wide range of her work. These pendants made from semi-precious stones on various metal chains are “hot off the press” and just arrived from the designers’ ateliér in Oslo.



Naly is the brand of Berliner, Nadya Grassman. Grassman travels and collects fabrics from all over the world, especially India and the Middle-East, which she mixes with new and vintage garments to produce unique results. The shirts above are made from vintage crocheted doilies sewn onto simple cotton tees.


Friederike Porscha

Friederike Porscha’s rücksacks are instant classics; based off traditional German backpacks, with details from vintage military packs and lined with contrasting black and white stripes.


Kelly Tivnan’s lamps are her “children” — or at least that’s how she talks about them. With each of them being completely unique and brimming with personality, we can see why. These littles guys are small pieces of art — and we recommend getting one now while they’re still attainable to us ‘normal folks’.

Till Airplants

Airplants are originally from South America, and are these ‘magical’ creatures that grow without any dirt, but solely from particles in the air they surround themselves with — making them the ideal plant for anyone who wasn’t born with green fingers or have to much else to worry about. Till Airplants are grown on a family farm in Italy and brough by the duo Giorgia and Valeria to Berlin, where fifty of them are currently making our showroom look beautiful; whilst waiting for their new owners.


Berlin based designer Sophie vom Scheidt makes these beautifully crafted, reversable college jackets. Her fall/winter 2012 collection mixes soft wools, golden earth-tones and paisly patterns with an irresistible outcome.

Gelebtez Holz

Tom Thiels’s ‘living wood’ pieces tell more than one story; each little bit of wood is collected from a different location and assembled together into something completely unique. This wall-hanging drawer/shelf is composed of dresser, a piece of railing from a 70’s hospital that was torn down, a wooden pallet, a piece of floorboard, a wine box and numerous other places.

Molnar Design

Sacha Molnar searches far and wide for the right pieces of wood which he makes into these beautiful, raw clothing hangers. With the bark kept in it’s natural state, the ends of each piece are sanded and waxed to perfection for the perfect finish. Come check these beauties out in our showroom and get your own custom hanger ordered for your space!


We’re proud to have Sarah’s very first jewelry collection here at SemiDomesticated! Having searched for the right material for a while, an abandoned leather sofa on the street spoke to her as she rushed by. A stripped sofa — and many hours of collecting, assembling —  these lovely pieces were born.

Mayflower Vintage

Luka May, the man behing Mayflower Vintage, is probably the most discerning vintage collector we’ve met. His garments are always in tip-top shape, of high quality, unique and of course, fabulous! We’ve borrowed a small and smashing selection to keep you warm through the fall and winter. Come see!

Ballet School

We can’t wait for our musical guests, Ballet School, who will play for us — and you — tomorrow at 21:00. Don’t be late!

Phoebe Kiddo

Another of our favorite musicians, Phoebe Kiddo (who also performed at our August event, Music Makers) has prepared a very special mix-tape for the event. In return we made visuals to go with as a limited edition 2 color print – with the download code, for our first 50 guests (the remaining 50 will be available online). In addition Phoebe has put together a playlist for the entire night to assure that your ears will be as excited as your eyes, all night long!


Last but not least we would like to thank 50 Second Finish — The Fine Wine Company and Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur for bringing us some very special wines and liqueurs, both small, independent and of excellent quality — just like our lovely designers.