This mixtape by Florida born, Berlin based musician Easton West is dedicated to our December exhibition Order/Disorder and is filled ambient tunes, backpacker hip hop, dub, psychedelic, post-punk and other delights.

Mr. West also produces and performs his own music which is clearly influenced by his background as a drummer for various punk bands.

His introduction to electronic music-making sprung from necessity when the lack of a complete drum set and proper practice space as a student in Vancouver prompted him to pick up his first drum machine. Since moving to Berlin in 2008, the fling has developed into a full fledged love affair with synthesizers.

Easton’s musical practice is heavily based around improvisation and jam-sessions in collaboration with Berlin colleges such as Lando Kal, Sam Barker, Peter Kirn, Privacy and Owen Roberts. With the latter he performs live and improvised under the name Manapotamus.

Order / Disorder by Easton West from SemiDomesticated on 8tracks Radio.