Happy new year — and welcome back to SemiDomesticated! For us, 2013 starts now — after a long break and lots of time to plan and scheme for the new year. Some of you may have noticed that last year was a bit of a roller coaster ride, or perhaps you had no clue what was going on because our site was inactive for most of 2012. Lots of changes went down, some less positive than others, but like most great stories, it ended well; We went from a team of three ladies, to just me, and back up to two again. We moved, not just twice, but three times. We lost some — and we gained a lot! Now, sitting in our beautiful Mainzerstraße space, which is currently hosting a photo exhibition by the talented Zazie Stevens, we’re looking back at a couple of the absolute highlights and feeling very excited for what’s to come.


The first crowning moment was the exhibition High-Risk/Low-Tech curated in collaboration with PLATform and hosted at The Wye in Kreuzberg as part of DMY Lange Nacht der Designstudios. The exhibition featured “Design in a time of crisis” with work by over twenty local and international product designers. This exhibition was a chance for us to dig deeper into the theory behind the design pieces we were working with and really explore our ideas around luxury vs. necessity and conscious consumerism.

High-Risk/Low-Tech Vernissage

Music Makers

The next project — which was also a completely new venture— was MusicMakers. A collaboration between electronic music authority CreateDigitalMusic, curatorial team PLATform and SemiDomesticated, MusicMakers is a design party for the future of music. The event hosted at Prince Charles last September 2012 included a variety of designers making interactive instruments, movement sensitive audiovisual installations and more. Followed by a party including experimental dance music and all-hardware dance sets by world-class musicians, this event was a success.

Installation by MusicalFieldsForever at MusicMakers

The Parlor

The next, and perhaps biggest highlight of 2012 was moving into our new space on Mainzerstraße in Neukölln. This happened around the same time that the wonderful Alex Sebag, who is also part of PLATform, joined the SemiDomesticated team. Since moving in to The Parlor we opened our permanent showroom on October 19th with the exhibition Harvest/Disperse, followed by a second exhibition Order/Disorder in November.

We’re not all about resolutions, but our mantra for this year is “more of the good stuff’, meaning that we wish to take the time for the things and the people we care about and that make us happy — and filter out the things that brings us down, or even keeps us in the same place. This sounds totally obvious, I know, but it can be easier said than done. One of the things that make us happy is to blog and write about things and people that inspire us — and hopefully inspire you as well. We have a lot of moods, stories, inspirations and ideas to share and discuss with you, so stay tuned for “more of the good stuff!”