Are you feeling like the walls are closing in on you? Are you feeling bored, irritable or perhaps a bit restless? Is the feeling of sunshine on your skin just a remote and slowly fading memory? You might be suffering from an instance of the ol’ Cabin Fever.

Here in Berlin the sun has been out a total of 22 hours this winter and there’s no sign of it coming out to grace us with its presence in the immediate future. We’re starting to get a tad bit tired of the perpetual snow, melt, rain, grey — repeat.

Since the only known cure for cabin fever is as simple as getting out and interacting with nature, things are not looking too great right now. And although we haven’t picked up an axe and started chasing each other around the office quite yet, we may have unfairly snapped at our delivery guy for ringing the bell too many times, or cursed the person who used the last it of espresso.

Luckily, there’s always the a million images online to help us forget — and remember, that the sun will come out once again. But most of all, we are getting crazy excited for our Spring Show & Sell, with the same name as this post, opening on March 8th at 19:00. This time we are filling our showroom with spring pastels, light jackets, hiking backpacks, lamps, birdhouses and lots of other treats. Starting this week and leading up to the event, we will be featuring our participating designers and share more inspiration which will hopefully help brighten your day until Father Sun will come back to greet us once again!

See you there!

Above: Map, Bike & Flowers, Chairs with Flower cushions, Flower Cap
Above: Chairs with nature print pillows, Bag detail, Flower in vase, Backpack
Above: Cabin Balcony, A walk outside, Cabin Beds, Flower wreath.