Élodie Camus is inspired by incongruous materials to make her jewelry line. Taking different objects and scraps to make geometric, symmetrical pieces that are at once quite colorful and raw. Her whole collection is handmade and, since it is either part of a small production or a unique item, one can feel quite fortunate to have one dangling from their necks and ears.

Till Airplants

Till Airplants are a miracle in geological discovery. A statement in earthly creations, these plants have no roots, and can be suspended. They are a discovery that seem to withold any preconceived conception of what the letters p.l.a.n.t. can mean to the witnesses eyes. Georgia and Valeria import these natural curiosities all the way from Italy. Not stopping there, they also make handmade supports, from nets to nests to keep your anamorphic vegetation elevated in midair. Enough to keep you breathless. 


Eriko Yamazaki makes porcelain holders for flowers. They are minute in size and quite exceptional creations, in the shape of eggs, vases and organic necklaces, that put the emphasis on  the small, common flowers and weeds one finds in between cobblestones, and growing from unmaintained earth.

Claudia Mangelsdorf

Bulky formless Knits. Such is a definition one can make of any apparel made with wool thread. Claudia Mangelsdorf appropriates this material to make delicate womanly designs straight out of every girls quaint dream cloth and every (heterosexual) boy’s fantasy.

Bintus Bags

Collecting specific apparel, is the duos’ mantra. John and Johan offer a vast selection of vintage bags, shoes and shirts. This time we are spinning things around and collaborating on bringing a curated selection of their Apotheke and weekender bags in shop.

Acid Zip

Ting is turning porcupine quills into wearable accessories. This young woman takes these spikes and transforms them from protective coat and camouflage to ornamental necklaces and earrings. Either dyed or raw, the spikes find their way onto a chain, by way of her delicate hands, and hangs handsomely from ones become a fashionable must have.


Jocks and socks. Such is the vocabulary that pops into ones’ head whence thinking of common Varsity jacket wearers. Sophie vom Scheidt is creating her own army of varsity clad kids. Each being tailored for the individual, their different body types, their specific tastes. Never one in the same, these creations are refined  one of a kind apparel made to outlast the fads…if that is your wish.

Gelebtes Holz

Using scraps of wood found in run down hospitals and schools,  Tom Thiel has amassed quite a collection of pieces of wood. He makes furniture, yes! Everything from a chair, to a shelving unit by way of a step ladder. We have had the great opportunity to feature his massive pieces since the opening of The Parlor. This time around we are showcasing some of his new works, bird houses the Grimm brothers would definitely write about.


The creations from Sacha Molnar are raw. Untreated branches and tree trunks are left in their organic skin. the bark  untreated, except for t natural bark and turned into hangers and lamps. He scavenges the city, from parks to secretive nooks, to bring us objects that are weighty and delicate. Hanging from the ceiling or splayed on our kitchen table to offer light. Looking at these pieces one can marvel at the inherent beauty nature holds and also at this young designer’s need to keep things real.


Kelly Tivnan is a creator in the bigger sense of the word, turning discarded bits and pieces into full functioning lamps or furniture. Her lamps incarnate different characters from her mind. They aren’t simply a light or a chair, they are objects that become a part of your family tree. Recently setting her sights on bigger interior projects, this little lady is turning Berlin into her own playground and our showroom, which will feature her new lamps, into a sensational wonderland.

Andrea Wan

The artist Andrea Wan makes whimsical, surreal juxtapositions of figures, animals, creatures and patterns. Her characters, though taken from reality take on an imaginative spin, playing a lot with size as well to infer what needs to be said. Her drawings put the emphasis on the people populating the page, leaving them with (close to) no background information. They are  suspended in that one specific moment forever.

Friederike Porscha

Friederike has been making bags with a strong imprint from the past. These well crafted rucksacks are reminiscent of traditional German backpacks. Contemporary details push this once basic carry all into a durable classic modern-day acquisition. We will fo the first time in shop, feature her line of garments.


Berlin based deep house and techno producer Dylan Warn, a.k.a Privacy will be playing an ambient, all night set for us during the opening vernissage. Joining him is our December show’s mixtape provider and producer Easton West. We’re looking forward to a night of moody, sexy synth jams!

Lando Kal

Unique, soulful and emotive, Berlin based, Bay area native, Lando Kal has shared a funky mixtape with us to get you in the spring mood! You can catch a link to the mix on a limited edition screen print by the SemiDoemsticated team during the opening. Be quick — it’s a limited edition!

Reader’s Corner *New!

Our reader’s corner is opened for business with the following publications:


We are lucky enough to bring to you the first five issues of this testament to art. Centered around one them per issue, this publication is a voice for overlooked and under-appreciated ideas. The collection will contain 8 volumes so keep your minds in check, because more is definitely to come.


A publication dedicated to drawing in this time and age. founded by Nina Hemmingsson and Björn Hegardt, featuring a massive amount of skilled draughtsmen and women, as well as featuring texts and interviews. A testimonial to dedicated research on image based possibilities. Heaven for the eyes and mind.

Poetry is Dead

Is a semi-annual magazine that features poetry, essays and reviews from the Canadian perspective. Having as it’s mission to annul bridge between the poetry readers and non-poetry readers and put an emphasis on being inclusive.

*these are examples of the work from the different artist and not necessarily what you will find in-store

Looking forward to seeing you this Friday at 19:00!