Our gardening addiction is growing stronger by the minute, and while we prepare for our next projects we’ve spent some time gathering ideas for more indoor gardening. There’s so much you can do with vertical and hanging gardens, gardens in and on lamps, around table legs, on desks, in drawers, and in all kinds of planters, pots, jugs, jars and dishes — the only thing limiting you is your imagination!

For more inspiration, check out this week’s Tumblr Mood and get gardening. Here at SemiDomesticated’s showroom we also have airplants from Till to help you create your own, easy to maintain, hanging or vertical garden!

Above (Clockwise from top left): Elegant zen-like garden, Hanging garden, Inside garden on multiple levels, Green furniture with green art and green plants
Above (clockwise from top left): Vertical garden and garden tools, Side table with plants and drawing, Table with planter legs by JailMake Studio, White porcelain wall-hanging planters

Featured image of airplants via Gardenista