Above (clockwise from top left): Where we want to be right now; in a natural pool on the ocean, looking at this pretty tangerine color canary bird, wearing some tangerine colored fashion, With you, you, and only you!
Above (clockwise from top left): Katharina Grosse’s Untitled 2000 acrylic on canvas makes us want to lay amongst this Soothing yellow interior, while eating a couple of Margarita Popsicles, with a side of these lemon macaroons (pretty please…)

Who sings of all of love’s eternity
Whose shines so bright
In all the songs of love’s unending spells
Only lightning strikes all that’s evil
Teaching us to love for goodness sake
Hear the music of love eternal

Teaching us to reach for goodness sake
Legends can be now and forever
Teaching us to love for goodness sake
Sweet songs of youth, the wise, the meeting of all wisdom
To believe in the good in man.

Excerpt from Tangerine Dream’s ‘Loved by the Sun’