SemiDomesticated is thrilled to introduce this hauntingly beautiful mix created for us by reliq, which also marks the beginning of our new monthly soundscape feature on the site. Already on repeat for the third time, we’re in awe of this spellbinding mix of tunes. Please enjoy!

Reliq is a Berlin-based avant-doom unit comprising grayl [DE], Shaddah [FR], and Xorzyzt [US]. Founded in 2009 originally as a four-member group, the collective draws from the dark matter of an unraveling psyche, crafting simultaneously transcendent and suffocating sound worlds swathed in the hallucinatory haze of a schizophrenic’s fever dreams. November 2011 saw the independent release of their self-titled debut album. In 2012, rethinking the band constellation, Grayl and Xorzyzt teamed up with producer/guitarist Shaddah to create a new mythology for the band, and performed at CTM Festival in 2013. Along time they shared the stage with acts like Iceage, King Dude, Shapednoise, Oneirogen and Wife over Berlin’s ground, at chez jacki, urban spree or berghain kantine.

Their score for Claire Kurylowski’s short film, Greed, was released in February and, most recently, their track “Cutthroat” was featured on Modern Movement’s book and CD compilation, out on aufnahme + wiedergabe, as a prelude of something bigger.

If you want to hear reliq live, they’ll be playing at Berghain shivering on Oct. 11, where they will open for Factory Floor as part of the CTM. 14 Prelude.

Check out reliq on Facebook, Soundcloud & Vimeo!


Soundscape #004: Reliq by Semidomesticated on Mixcloud