It’s been an amazing year and we are more then ready to pick up where we left off and gallop forwards, as we talked about last week, but first a small trip down memory lane. Compiling just a few highlights from the year that passed, was easier said than done, but here we go:

Moroccan Love Story

SemiDomesticated founder, Anette started the year with a trip to Morocco with her man, and came back not only loaded with inspiration and a newfound interest in Moroccan tiles, killims and other Berber crafts, but also with an engagement ring on her finger. With the year passing faster than a knife fight in a phone booth, the wedding planning took a backseat. Now, with the clock ticking and tasks piling up we plan to give our readers a few updates and sneak peaks into the planning and execution of a truly SemiDomesticated wedding.Above: From our Mood, Killim with Kindness.

Cabin Fever Show & Sell

Spring seemed to never arrive last year in Berlin, and feeling cooped up and impatient for bird tweets and sunlight, we named our spring Show & Sell exhibition, Cabin Fever, and packed it with treats by a selected group of local designers and artists to get us through the cold and prepare us for brighter days.Above: Pictures from Cabin Fever by Jacob Hopkins

Feature in Ryan Air’s Inflight Magazine

Our summers flew with trips to New York and Rome, when an opportunity to be featured in Ryanair’s inflight magazine presented itself, prompting us to put some of our many long brooding schemes into action. Hooking up with three incredibly talented photographers, we were able to realize our plans of doing more in depth interviews and stories, resulting in three new features.

Above: Feature in Ryanair Inflight Magazine. Photo by Markus Altmann.

Film shoot with Hanna & Kerttu

Before Summer ended we joined folk/forest-pop band Hanna & Kerttu out to the beautifully creepy ruins of the Vogelsang Russian Military base, to style and art direct the video for their new single ‘Drive for Ya’ along with director Alejo Franzetti and videographer Berta Valín Escofet. Jewelry and accessories by Mies Nobis and Papayapie added the necessary dot over the i.

Above: Stills from ‘Drive for Ya’ with Hanna & Kerttu.

Maker Stories with Santiago Ramirez

Columbian photographer Santiago Ramirez, with his keen eye for detail has been a huge pleasure to work with. As part of our Maker Stories feature where we talk to designers in their studios, he has joined us to visit Michael Ferguson of Not a Wooden Spoon who makes furniture from salvaged floorboards, the Umann sisters behind the all-vegan fashion brand Umasan, the multi talented, upcycling queen and product designer Kelly Tivnan of pastperfekt, most known for her marvelous lamps, and lastly the inventive alchemist-industrial designer Daniel Carrion aka El Reinventor. We look forward to many more stories to come!Above: Maker Stories with Not a Wooden Spoon, Umasan, pastperfekt and El Reinventor. Photographed by Santiago Ramirez.

Domestic Stories with Rita Braz

We were very fortunate to be joined by Portuguese art director and photographer Rita Braz from Analogue Stories to start the feature Domestic Stories, where we visit inspiring people in their homes to learn about their five most cherished objects. Rita is a creative and self reliant photographer who only shoots with film and we’re constantly impressed with her impeccable track-record, allowing her to, time and time again, bring us as many as 20 marvelous photos from a 24 frame roll of film. So far, Rita has joined us on a journey to the magical world of performance artist Viviana Druga, to the zen-like oasis of fashion designer and seamstress Molly Morgan and to home of professional storytellers Leila El-Kayem and Sophie Mayer who reminded us of the importance of slowing down.

Above: Domestic Stories with Viviana Druga, Molly Morgan and Leila El-Kayem & Sophie Mayer, photographed by Rita Braz.

Berlin Stories with Sima Ebrahimi

Bubbling with ideas and enthusiasm, Sima Ebrahimi joined us to photograph entrepreneurs and owners of small, sustainable, vintage and handmade stores and businesses in Berlin. We call these stories Berlin Stories and we have so far visited the treasure chamber that is Rag And Bone Man as well as the jewell of a shop called Shio. Sima is fantastic to work with and she always brings quirky and unexpected ideas to the table. We have two stories from her waiting to be posted and looking forward to many more!

Above: Berlin Stories with Rag And Bone Man and Shio, photographer by Sima Ebrahimi.

The Soundscapes to our Lives

A few mixtapes at the end of 2012 and beginning of last year, were so well received that we decided to make this a monthly feature as well. Being blessed with a plethora of musical friends and connections, our “waiting lists” filled up quick and we have mixes lined up for months to come. Last year we were lucky to have Lando, Reliq, Mother of the Unicorn, Crystal Shipsss and Aniaetleprogrammeur grace us with their divine Soundscapes.Above: Photo of Reliq by Viviana Druga

Thank you!

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our readers, collaborators, designers and loved ones, who constantly inspire and encourage us — we couldn’t do it without you and we’re so excited for another year with you all!

Anette & Alex