Hanna and Kerttu make music that is ethereal, enchanting, moody. Self defined as ‘party music for the animals in the forest’, the vocalist has the voice of a wood nymph, singing sorrowful lullaby’s. It is a deep voice from the gut, with high tones to dissipate the delicate emotions she is conveying. The rythm of the music resonates with that of the listeners beating heart and crackling under the depth of the lyrics. The music itself can be described as folky, but it expands beyond simple definitions. The more you listen to it, the sounds tinkle, shine, delve into a sonority that is quite their own, and heart-wrenching.

It is not easy to describe what Hanna & Kerttu is like or where they came from. Musically born somewhere in the middle of the nordic woods, located in Berlin, at home in a world of colors. It might be two little kids in a dark scary forest, getting lost and playing soothing music in order to find the way out. Or some grown ups watching the fairytale in our reality…

When the project started the female members decided to call it Hanna & Kerttu. The finnish name is based on the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale Hansel and Gretel and means Hanna & Gretel. Though the cast changed, the name remained.

Hanna and Kerttu are working at Kaikustudios Berlin now to bring us their debut album. The same studio where their first EP was recorded. It was produced by Jonas Verwijnen and released in February 2013.

We were lucky enough to have them play at our Show and Sell, a few years back, art direct their music video I Drive for ya. We asked them if they would once again collaborate with us and make a soundscape. They said yes and sent us this dreamy mix, sure to leave your eyes watering. ENJOY!

Hannah and Kerttu bio (in italics) taken from their website. They also have a facebook, a soundcloud, and videos on their youtube channel