Experimental pop duo UMA has brought us a wonderfully eclectic and atmospheric soundscape to help us further embrace the autumn blues.

Berlin based, husband and wife duo, Ella and Florian Zwietnig create experimental electronic pop, mixing deep rhythms, bass sounds and hauntingly beautiful choir-like vocal chants, aiming to sonically and lyrically capture the most elusive everyday moments.

Forming UMA in 2011, Ella and Flo locked themselves in the studio and started working on their ‘sound’, recording sessions with an array of vintage equipment and modern production tools. This was an intense and challenging experience, not only in terms of being newly-weds, but both having very strong personalities and views on creative expression. However, the duo was delighted with the result and just how natural and organic the process had unfolded.

2012 saw the birth of their well-received debut EP, Drop Your Soul, released on Seayou Records (AT) and Enraptured Records (UK). The stunning five track debut, dwelling between melodic sound-tinkering avant-garde and soothing catchiness was written in Berlin and Los Angeles, featuring notable guest musicians, such as the legendary Silver Apples and acclaimed Japanese field recording artist, Yosi Horikawa.

Spending much of 2013 and -14 touring and playing shows around the UK and Europe and festivals, such as Sonar, they have also recorded their self-titled debut album, which recently came out through Seeyou Records.

More on UMA through their website.
Mixtape artwork by Alex Sebag & Miss K