Her passion for music has taken Susan Langan aka Qzen, across the globe, landing her in Berlin just over four years ago. Earlier this year she lost her home-owner virginity and became the proud proprietress of a light flooded DDR gem in the heart of Berlin. We were lucky enough to visit and learn more about this globetrotting melomaniac, which we will share with you in a Domestic Story to be published next week.

This week, Qzen has prepared an eclectic mix to assuage you into the weekend, offering a more intimate look at her music collection, beyond the tracks that rock a dance-floor. Also included is a special, unreleased track by herself and Bill Youngman. Enjoy!

Born and raised in California, Qzen is an electronic music producer, singer, and DJ. She has a sincere love for music that’s emotive, sophisticated, bass conscious, and tends to both one’s body and mind. Her sets span the genres of house and bass music, dipping into breakbeat and techno, though she really doesn’t care about what it’s called; if it’s good, she’ll play it.

More about Qzen here!