Our good friend Noah Pred has submitted this deeply funky mix, just in time for the holidays. This may not be the mix to put on at your grandma’s christmas dinner (unless your grandma is waaaaaay cooler than ours), but exactly what you need when you get home after a day or two of holiday madness and Mariah’s Christmas album has etched itself forever into your eardrums. Sit back, relax and enjoy, or put it on loud and dance off some of that holiday ham.

2014 Juno Nominee for Best Electronic Album, Noah Pred finds himself based in the cultural nexus of Berlin, after five years exploring the musical underground of Canada. Launching his Thoughtless imprint there over seven years ago, the label is now on its hundredth release.

Throwing the Thoughtless label parties was a natural evolution of numerous DJ residencies held by Pred in Vancouver, Montreal, and in Toronto with the legendary Fukhouse crew. The past few years have seen Noah perform extensively throughout North America and Europe, delivering highly improvised sets that always strive to meet the moment head-on.

Recent releases on Cynosure, Highgrade and Trapez LTD have earned a renewed focus on his distinctive production style and extensive discography. With his False Image collaboration with Tom Clark out now on Get Physical – and projects with Pablo Bolivar on Apparel, and Tim Xavier on Alphahouse, respectively – his sound has reached more ears than ever this past year.

More abouth Noah here.