Speaking of storage and fresh spaces, Studio Oink’s apartment is Wiesbaden, Germany, is one that I have been coming back to and drooling over many times this last year. I cannot seem to get enough of this modest and unassuming space, with its fresh white and plywood surfaces, the green touches that are scattered throughout and the lighthearted yet sophisticated styling — and that amazing platform bed!

The streamlined cabinets that stretch through the entire apartment, provide not only ample storage, leaving the small apartment feeling open and breezy, but also serves as window sill, seating bench and sideboard. Perhaps best described by the studio’s own philosophy, the apartment is the perfect “balance between poetry and function, of simplicity and playfulness.”

Studio Oink specializes in creating customized concepts for high quality interior design, set design and styling for film and photo productions, as well as for digital and print magazines. Founded in October 2013 by Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller, the young studio’s website is already overflowing with beautiful projects to feast your eyes upon. Take a look for yourself and get inspired!