Nina Legnehed, co-founder of Nordic by Nature along with Steffi von Kannemann, has submitted this all Scandinavian, electronic treat, sure to enchant your ears, and inspire you to dance — in your chair or at one of the many rooftop or garden parties you have planned this summer.

“I wanted to do a very personal mix. Usually, when asked to do mixtapes, I include a lot of the music we are currently promoting, but this time I wanted to do something different. I’ve tried to find music that I find exciting at the moment, something that reminds me of why I think music is really important.

The music I listen to at home is often quite old, 70s-soul, 90s-hip hop, stuff like that. I think it’s because I need a break from the stuff we listen to at the office. Sometimes I need to force myself to keep my curiosity alert. It’s easy to become a bit jaded when you’ve worked with really new artists for a long time—you feel like you’ve heard it all before.

The music on this soundscape is all Scandinavian, since we made our name working mostly with Scandinavian artists. I also realize after finishing that a majority of the artists are women.”


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Die Neuen Schweden 

This is the first of a series of soundscapes illustrated by Canadian photographer Vishal Marapon. ‘Through his work, he tries to capture subtleties and moments which exist in everyday life, using his camera as a tool for sharing in his own perspective from wherever he finds himself.’
Vishal finds inspiration in every corner and is excited by colors and geometry, and a combination of the two. We love seeing the world through his eyes, as he manages to find and capture beauty in the most unremarkable of places. Check out his website and Instagram for a daily source of inspiration!