Dear Friends & Readers

It’s been a while. In some respects it’s been a whole lifetime.

Our last moodboard, published all the way back in January was called Senescence, Transience, Renascence, which in more common terms can be translated to Deterioration, Transformation and Revival. Few words describe the last 9 months better.

Personally, my entire life has been flipped upside down—a split from my partner for the last 11 years, has turned me inside out and back again. It has shattered me and restored me. I have died, and am slowly bringing myself back to life.

One thing that I have learned over the past months has been to be present and basque in the depth of the feelings that have washed over me, both good and bad. I have embraced writing as both a healing and processing tool more than ever before; in an attempt to better understand this sudden and unexpected shift my personal life has taken. I decided to take a chance and share a more personal side with our readers, in a journal entry I wrote a few weeks ago:

Words have been streaming steadily, in all forms, from sonnets to haikus, limericks, lyrics, letters, essays and everything in between. My tone has changed like the tides, from bitter blaming to bittersweet longing, from fury to fuzzy feelings, sadness to steadfastness. Like that Feist song ‘I feel it all, I feel it all’—I have been feeling it ALL, in all of its (gory) glory.

Never has life felt so deeply beautiful, so bottomless and vast—vulnerable. Never have I loved so lividly, and I’m not just talking about the people I hold dear, but about the sunshine on my face, a spring flower breaking through a crack in the sidewalk, an ant crawling on my skin, the smell of my morning coffee, a random person smiling at me on the street as I’m singing opera to compete with my two year old daughter who’s having a meltdown because her cracker broke in half—“Oh nooooo, it’s kaputt!!!”.

It sounds soppy, I know, but I really feel an endless joy and love for all things. I feel thankful to feel so deeply, to experience life so intensely, with all of its raw pain and pleasure, gloom, doom and despair, desire, lust, love. Something in me has awoken, a side that knows no fear. Instead of feeding my fears, I feed off them—they fuel me. Vibrant, alive, a force is boiling under the surface—My inner goddess? She’s fierce and full of fervour. She belts at the top her lungs while riding her bike through the city, she dances vivaciously in her living room at night, she cries unashamedly in her yoga classes and revels in the depth of her emotions, she screams in joy and exhaustion while collapsing on the ground from playing with her daughter, she embraces strangers and shares secrets, she has everything to give and nothing to lose. She’s full of poise and punches. She’s present!

It’s been one hell of a journey, it’s hard to find the words. It’s been wild. While I have in one way been unraveling (and completely exhausted in every way), I have experienced something that can only be described as a really powerful ‘force’ pulsating through me.

But while the Christian deities may disapprove, the gods seem to be in my corner. And while there are certainly cracks in the asphalt ahead, they, whoever they are, tend to come in and pave a clear path, just at the right moment. Little signs, too magical to be coincidental, appear in front of me, the more obvious in the form of burning bushes to barely seeable specks of gold and glitter. Thank gods! And in my belly, and in my heart, tiny voices whisper, and every day they grow stronger. As I learn to listen and trust their truths, I discover that they all work together, the goddess, the gods and the tiny voices.

Through this journey I have learned to listen—to myself first and foremost—and have discovered that when I do, the most wondrous occurrences start to happen. Suddenly things just start to make sense, and the right people and events appear in front of me. And in some cases, people that were a part of my life have fallen away, while others have gotten increasingly closer.

One of those is my dear friend Molly McDonnell, who I’ve worked with repeatedly over the years that we’ve known each other. Suddenly the path for us to work more closely together seemed to open up clear and bright.  Therefore, this spring, she joined the SemiDomesticated team as a creative contributor, a consultant for our soon to be offered lifestyle services as well as a general facilitator for this new journey upon which SemiDomesticated is embarking.


Transformation and revival have been keywords for SemiDomesticated as well, and we’ve decided to change some things around. For once, we have decided to broaden the platform and open the stage to other writers and influencers who’s values align with and compliment those of our online magazine. We will introduce all of these properly as they appear, but in the next months, you’ll find articles and advise from natural beauty expert and cosmetics maker Saqera Kokayi from Eskay, transformational coach and Tantra practitioner Robyn Dalzen, off-grid farmer and trailblazer Lynn Milou, artist and yin-yoga teacher Sara Kwon to mention some.

This first theme, post-revival, coincides, as always, with a combination of what is going on in our lives, the wonderful people that cross our paths and changing of the seasons. We start with stripping everything away and becoming present in the now. We go to the root of what we mean by mindfulness.

When we are fully here, this moment becomes the most precious, delightful, enjoyable and outrageous moment there is. Finally, we can really experience this reality just as it is, without expectation, prejudice or longing.

When we are fully present, the world in which we live becomes extraordinary, as if being seen and heard and touched for the first time, for we are without preconceived ideas or desires.

Ed and Deb Shapiro / Huffington Post

This month and beyond is a sensory journey, within ourselves and within our immediate surroundings, aiming to land us back in the present moment.

Enjoy the ride!

With love & blessings,
Anette K Hansen
Creative Director / Editor in Chief


All photos by Berlin based, Australian photographer Libby Edwards. See more of her work on her website.