Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday bash, bachelor(ette) party, shower, product launch or corporate event, we’ve got you covered! We’re passionate about creating mindful, elegant and unique events, working with local and sustainable service providers, while producing as little waste as possible.

We’ll plan and design your event from start to finish, coordinate with suppliers and handle every aspect from food and drinks to flowers, decor, photography and design, making sure your event runs seamlessly and looks amazing. Already have an idea of what you want? We also offer partial event planning and design.

Our Design Philosophy

You don’t need bling and flashy gimmicks to create an amazing party. With events—as well as with most things in life—we believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and that quality trumps quantity. We combine a strong idea, with the best ingredients and suppliers available, careful planning and lots of love, to create truly beautiful, authentic and intimate events.

Conscious Consumerism

Sustainability is at the base of everything we do at SemiDomesticated. We therefore work exclusively with local, small and independent service providers.

We strive to produce as little trash as possible at our events, therefore you won’t find plastic straws, plates and cutlery, or throw away napkins. We make our drinks without straws in real glasses, use cloth napkins, and serve all of your food using porcelain and glassware, either from our own collection of second hand finds or from our local event rental company.

Mindfulness and Soft Skills

Want your party to be extra special? How about starting your event off with a guided meditation session? Invite all your guests to do a bit of yoga before dinner? Or perhaps a gong bath or post-dinner tea ceremony is more your thing? An talk on zero waste living to inspire you and your friends? A macrame workshop as part of your company’s Christmas party? We can offer a variety of mindful activities, from the more esoteric to fun team building activities and workshops. Talk to us to find out more!


Whenever suitable, we host our events at our Berg Burg base in Wedding. This remodelled industrial loft located in a historical building from pre WWII, is ideal for dinner parties, cocktail events and intimate gatherings of up to 70 guests. For other kinds of events, we have a handful of favorite places around Berlin to suggest to you, and are also happy to work with the location of your choice, whether that’s your own home, a castle in Brandenburg or a cabin in the woods.

Please contact us via mail@semidomesticated.com for further information and quotes. 

Photos by Rebecca Crawford