Kilim with Kindness

Once I opened the lid on the well of inspiration that I brought back from Morocco, there’s no stopping it. Being back, my only regret is not having brought 10 empty suitcases there or spent my savings on sending a couple of shipping containers of goods back to Berlin…

Alaskan Winter

Forgive us for this post's prematurity, but we're some of the few Berliners actually getting excited for the winter. The days are shorter, the nights are colder and that means we can officially unpack our thickest knits and anticipate the snowy season.

Knitted Army

Tactile, functional and fun, these "poufs", made by Italian designer Andrea Brena remind us that creative form can link people to products.

Fungi Feelings

There's definitely something magical about mushrooms. Gilled, woody and leathery, they can be nourishing, medicinal, poisonous or psychoactive; hence the mastery behind their hunt and identification.

Ducks in a Row

We love to find creative ways to use common items – some of our favorite upcycling ideas involve tin cans, mason jars, vintage frames and wooden fruit and wine crates.

Onkto Katuh

Meet Christian Pade, the German designer behind the upcycling brand, Onkto Katuh. His notions behind permanence and the mix of materials are quite intriguing and force us to have second thoughts about what we deem to be rubbish or treasure.

Summer Rain

On warm summer nights, we can all feel the atmospheric change that happens when a thunderstorm is coming. The trees shudder, the sky darkens then opens up and lets go.


It's 30 degrees in Berlin today but we've been shackled to our desks for most of it. And, although there's no beach in sight, we make due. We don't mind swapping volleyballs for ping-pong paddles and pesky seagulls for balletic swans.

An Ode to Denim

Denim is undoubtedly ubiquitous. Its history is anything but brief: from the plantation and mining days where it was praised for its sturdiness to the cowboys and off-duty American soldiers where it was re-appropriated as casual wear…

Neon Dreams

Bad day? Slick on some Outrageously Orange polish or get yourself into some Laser Lemon leggings. Freak out and spray your desk chair Neon Carrot.

Matthew Appleby

Matthew's latest series of reconditioned lights and lamps need very little introduction. Made with anything from discarded, industrial, car parts to bread boxes and espresso makers – they tell stories of their own.

Home on the Range

BBQ season has officially hit Berlin and we can feel the future of the early spring days fading into long summer nights. The bustling atmosphere of the big city has its charms but we've been dreaming of beers and bonfires in a big backyard.