Jesper Jensen of Catching Fire

esper Jensen is a Danish glass-artist whose work not only tests the boundaries of art and craft but he is also widely recognized for his contributions to the future of the craft's environmental sustainability.

Crystal Clear

Glass is also a ubiquitous material making it upcycling friendly, if left in its original state. The ancient craft of glass-blowing is seriously detrimental to the environment, which leaves many glass-blowers in search of a more sustainable alternative.
Cute bike.

Bikes & Trikes

We're welcoming the bike season with open arms, here in Berlin. As our primary mode of transportation, biking is convenient, healthy, savvy and gives us independence without guzzling anything.

Fresh Fish

Fishing is more than sitting there waiting for a fish. It's is about getting outside listening and looking at what nature has to offer. It's about getting in tune with yourself.

Strength in Numbers

One of the secrets to a beautiful and well balanced, yet eclectic home, lies in streamlining and focus. And when it comes to displaying a valued collection, presentation is everything.


a&ré's thoughtful designs from recycled materials and concrete are built to perfection, yet not so refined as to eradicate the story behind each found item.