Oktoberfest Acquiesced

Being under the assumption that the merriments were some kind of harvest celebration, we set out to write something meaningful about the wonderful gifts of autumn. Some quick fact-checking later, made us realize that we were completely in the wrong.

Bottled Poetry

While we don't really need an excuse to sing the praise of our most favorite indulgence, autumn being upon us means long, candle lit evenings accompanied ample glasses of you-know-what.

For the Love of Wood

Different ways of creatively reusing and preserving old wood is a reoccurring theme here at SemiDomesticated. We have decided to dedicate this entire week to our love for trees and the many fruits they bear.

Cabin Fever Anyone?

Are you feeling like the walls are closing in on you? Are you feeling bored, irritable or perhaps a bit restless? Is the feeling of sunshine on your skin just a remote and slowly fading memory?

Kilim with Kindness

Once I opened the lid on the well of inspiration that I brought back from Morocco, there’s no stopping it. Being back, my only regret is not having brought 10 empty suitcases there or spent my savings on sending a couple of shipping containers of goods back to Berlin…

Alaskan Winter

Forgive us for this post's prematurity, but we're some of the few Berliners actually getting excited for the winter. The days are shorter, the nights are colder and that means we can officially unpack our thickest knits and anticipate the snowy season.

Where We Lay Our Heads

Where is "home" and what does that even meeaaan anymore? Some of us have several homes while others aren't so fortunate. Being such an international crew, we feel at home on different continents, in different countries.