Book Worms

Books are always a good source of cheap entertainment – especially when you've already seen every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Fungi Feelings

There's definitely something magical about mushrooms. Gilled, woody and leathery, they can be nourishing, medicinal, poisonous or psychoactive; hence the mastery behind their hunt and identification.

Ducks in a Row

We love to find creative ways to use common items – some of our favorite upcycling ideas involve tin cans, mason jars, vintage frames and wooden fruit and wine crates.

Summer Rain

On warm summer nights, we can all feel the atmospheric change that happens when a thunderstorm is coming. The trees shudder, the sky darkens then opens up and lets go.


It's 30 degrees in Berlin today but we've been shackled to our desks for most of it. And, although there's no beach in sight, we make due. We don't mind swapping volleyballs for ping-pong paddles and pesky seagulls for balletic swans.

An Ode to Denim

Denim is undoubtedly ubiquitous. Its history is anything but brief: from the plantation and mining days where it was praised for its sturdiness to the cowboys and off-duty American soldiers where it was re-appropriated as casual wear…

Neon Dreams

Bad day? Slick on some Outrageously Orange polish or get yourself into some Laser Lemon leggings. Freak out and spray your desk chair Neon Carrot.

Home on the Range

BBQ season has officially hit Berlin and we can feel the future of the early spring days fading into long summer nights. The bustling atmosphere of the big city has its charms but we've been dreaming of beers and bonfires in a big backyard.

Crystal Clear

Glass is also a ubiquitous material making it upcycling friendly, if left in its original state. The ancient craft of glass-blowing is seriously detrimental to the environment, which leaves many glass-blowers in search of a more sustainable alternative.
Cute bike.

Bikes & Trikes

We're welcoming the bike season with open arms, here in Berlin. As our primary mode of transportation, biking is convenient, healthy, savvy and gives us independence without guzzling anything.