Strength in Numbers

One of the secrets to a beautiful and well balanced, yet eclectic home, lies in streamlining and focus. And when it comes to displaying a valued collection, presentation is everything.


Through the collection of vintage materials and odds & ends from the hardware store, Karen uses remnants of industrial culture to make a statement about consumption.
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Tata Christiane

Tata Christiane Couture projects a vision of the street costume, using second hand, sophisticated vintage clothing and old grotesque dresses for old women aesthetics.


a&ré's thoughtful designs from recycled materials and concrete are built to perfection, yet not so refined as to eradicate the story behind each found item.

Veronika Wildgruber

An important part of upcycling and reusing old materials is the process of re-contextualizing. We love how Veronika does just that with her project. Soft Wood experiments with the separation of materials and their characteristics.
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Mon Bibi

Genevieve Schetagne of 'mon bibi' always finds a way to thread her character into her hand-made and incredibly unique hats