Room for Reverence

With every change in season, and every turn of events that leads to a fresh start, follows an urge to purge; clean out our cabinets and donate, sell and get rid of things we don't use. To de-clutter our lives, living spaces, diets and minds.

Beyond Words

Considering that two thirds of human communication is non verbal, we place far to much emphasis on words. It explains why talking to your lover or friend on the phone can sometimes seem awkward and unsatisfying, or why you can end up in quarrels over a chat message where you were misunderstood …

Where We Lay Our Heads

Where is "home" and what does that even meeaaan anymore? Some of us have several homes while others aren't so fortunate. Being such an international crew, we feel at home on different continents, in different countries.

Book Worms

Books are always a good source of cheap entertainment – especially when you've already seen every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.